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Male Pattern Baldness

If you’re dealing with the condition, you are not alone - Roughly 85% of men will have major hair loss by the time they're 50. Some men might even start to lose hair before turning 21.
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Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female pattern hair loss is a type of hair loss (alopecia) that is caused by hormones, genetics, and the ageing process. Female hair loss involves an overall thinning of one’s hair.
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Post Partum Hair Loss

Postpartum hair loss affects up to 50% of women, and occurs as a result of changing hormone levels after pregnancy. If you’re struggling with postpartum hair loss (hair loss after giving birth), you are not alone.
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Fragile & Thin Hair

Just like dry skin, fragile hair presents itself differently in each individual. While some experience a mild dullness, others might suffer from full-blown breakage and hair loss.
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Dandruff / Oily Scalp

As hair loss is caused by a multitude of factors like genetics, medication, and diet, figuring out why you’re losing hair can be an uphill task.When it comes to our scalp, however, hair loss is often caused by common issues such as fungus, psoriasis, oily scalp, and dandruff.
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The hair anatomy

Hair Loss Is A Medical Condition

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Tried many kinds of hair loss treatments. From finasteride and minoxidil to applying Chinese and none of them worked. Wasted so much money on my head for no results. But I finally found Artisan Hair, the place where I regained my hopes and confidence.
Really very good. First time see my hair so thick and gao. Last time go salon do all the hair treatment like no effect one. If I can give Artisan 10 Stars I confirm give, say real.
Have been affected by my hair loss issues since I was in poly and it really too my confidence away with it. Got to know or Dr Isaac Wong through a friend of mine and I dare say that his treatment methods really work.
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