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Over 140 hair growth factors delivered to hair follicles with perfect precision.

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Hair Loss Treatments

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Real cases, real results
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After 6 treatments
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Combat hair loss medically, exclusively at Artisan FUE Hair Clinic.

Hair loss is a medical condition

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Hair growth cycle

The Hair Anatomy
The hair growth cycle has three phases:
1. Growing phase (Anagen)

Cells in the root of your hair rapidly divide for new hair to form. Hair grows about half an inch a month. This phase lasts an average of 3-5 years.

2. Regressing phase (Catagen)

Active hair growth ceases, and individual hairs separate from the hair follicle. This phase lasts for about 10 days.

3. Resting phase (Telogen)

Hair strands remain in their follicles for about 3 months before falling off to make way for new hair follicles. After which, losing about 50-100 strands of hair per day is normal. Hair loss may occur when this growth cycle is disrupted. If your hair is not growing as long or fast as it used to be, you may be experiencing a disruption in your hair growth cycle for various reasons. Speak to us for a solution.

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Tried many kinds of hair loss treatments. From finasteride and minoxidil to applying Chinese and none of them worked. Wasted so much money on my head for no results. But I finally found Artisan Hair, the place where I regained my hopes and confidence.
Really very good. First time see my hair so thick and gao. Last time go salon do all the hair treatment like no effect one. If I can give Artisan 10 Stars I confirm give, say real.
Have been affected by my hair loss issues since I was in poly and it really too my confidence away with it. Got to know or Dr Isaac Wong through a friend of mine and I dare say that his treatment methods really work.
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